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Is The Volcano Vaporizer Worth The $500 Hype?

Everything can be compared with a volcano vaporizers for marijuana for sale (, but not even close. You have two options: the Classic, which has a dial temperature setting, and the Digit, which has a digital setting. Both have the patented, easy valve mouthpieces, making filling and inhaling a breeze. The valves ensure that the vapor does not escape from the collection balloons. In fact it can be stored for as much as 8 hours. The Volcano can reach temperatures up to 446°F, but your herbs will not combust in the convection heater.

If you decide to cancel, send the products back to us. You can reach our customer service via phone or email for any questions or instructions regarding the machine. A packaging example of a fake Mighty model from eBay. You’ll find a lot of sellers claiming to offer one-of-a-kind deals, and then you’ll be stuck waiting by the door for a package that will never arrive. It’s a shame but more people fall for these deals.

Although you can put a small amount in the larger chamber, it is not efficient. You will need to take several bags full to extract the entire product. With the reducer, you can get the same amount in just one bag. Instead of heating your herb directly on the chamber’s surface, the elite convection system uses a 100w heater to propel air through the vapour pathway. This extracts the flavors and potentially therapeutic properties of your herbs without reaching combustion point.

I don’t want it to be assumed that you know everything there is about vaping. Let me quickly go over the health advantages. You must be at most 21 years old in order to purchase or use this site. Depending upon the temperature you select, the Volcano® Classic heats up in 3-4 minutes. We generally recommend checking out the Top Portable Vaporizers as they are just more convenient to use and can generally output similar vapor. TVAPE offers free shipping on all orders above $100.00 in Canada and the USA Choose your unit below and enter our Volcano Vaporizer Coupon – VTIPS20to enjoy 20% off your order.

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