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If you have heard the latest about waste oil burners, you know that they can help heat your home or business with a low cost or no cost to you. So what are the environmental and economic benefits for waste oil burners? One thing that is of economic value is the fact that the heating costs less than regular forms of heating such as heating oil. With all the places that you can get waste oil, it can cost less or be free to you if you have excess oil that you make yourself.

There are several cases where prosecution has been substantial to not only the business but also the individual responsible for a contamination of waterways. You can Google for nervous dog cases so I won’t bore you in this text, but suffice be it to say that environmental protection is everyone’s concern, not just a problem for the boss.

Recycle. There are a lot of things that we can recycle. We can make empty tin cans into stylish pots, a shoe box into a storage box, plastic bags into garbage bags, and so on. This can help lessen the wastes in our community.

Greening Greenpoint

There is no sense talking to your kids about Greening Greenpoint issues if you do not treat your own body with respect. You may not think that your body has anything to do with the environment, but it does. The way you treat yourself is often subconsciously reflected in the way we treat the environment.

The first way you can Make an Environmental Difference is by using the new fluorescent light bulbs over the old incandescent ones. A standard incandescent bulb is only about 2% efficient while the fluorescent bulbs are about 8%. Think if not only you but everyone else you know changed their bulbs, then they got everyone else to change theirs, that would make a huge difference on the environment. These bulbs not only save the planet but will also save you money in the long run since they last longer and lower the cost of your utility bill.

So how can you, the humble human being, the ONE, the individual, make a difference to the big picture? In a macro sort of way we, as a race, need to make a collective effort for planetary protection (not the alien invasion type but a little closer to home). A team effort will always be a greater force than an individual attempt. But teams are made of a bunch of individuals. As an individual you can get them all thinking the same way – hence the collective.

2 days agoSo there are plenty of environmental as well as economic uses for waste oil burners. So you save money while at the same time saving the environment. It is little wonder that many people are beginning to turn more and more to these types of heating so that they can heat without paying a fortune. No matter if you have a home or business you can find a unit that will work for your particular situation. So the advantages of having a heater of this sort outweigh the disadvantages for heating. Heating with a burner that relies on used oil is a good idea whose time has now come.

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